dropshopping seo guide for beginners

SEO Guide for Dropshipping Store

SEO Guide for Dropshipping Beginners - Dropshop Lab
SEO Guide for Dropshipping Beginners – Dropshop Lab

SEO guide for Dropshipping Store will boost your website ranking on search engines. The online presence of any website shall be worthy if it appears in public search. especially when you have a business like dropshipping store. it is very important that people can find your website/store in their daily searches.

Steps or SEO Guide that make your Dropshipping Store visible to people searches.

1. Make sure search bot are finding your website/store – when we search anything on google it shows like “About 16,07,00,00,000 results (0.68 seconds)”. Its means that there search bot indexed this number of web pages for same keyword. So make sure that you are using a robot.txt file on your website.

2. Create content related to search queries – when it comes to content i.e product details, heading or description etc. You need to make sure that it relates to search queries that people do on search engines. For example if you are dropshiiping birthday cakes than you need content like “vanilla birthday cake”.

3. Do keyword optimization – You need to understand that search engine works on algorithms. Main factor to show any website on top of search or on second page is, how they optimized there content with keywords. So put keywords in title, Heading H1, H2 and also in paragraph. Do not spam your content with keywords.

4. Optimize your store for better user experience – Make sure your store don’t take long time to load. Also your dropshipping store need to visible on all devices with best user interface (UI).

5. Use Images with alt attribute – Images are widely searched things on search engines. A search bot can’t recognize any image without alt attribute. So make sure you are optimizing each and every image.

NOTE – There are several other factors that are responsible for high ranking. Like on page seo and off page seo. Contact us to make your store/website rank better on search engines.

You can also rank your store through videos.

If you are looking for suppliers to drop-ship, This Guide will help You.

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