High Conversion on Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

High Conversion on Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping Store Conversion
Getting More Conversion with Dropshop Lab

Get High Conversion on Your Shopify Dropshipping Store with some easy steps. So here we start with basic, What is a conversion rate? And we are sharing this information in form of Q&A’s.

Q. What do you mean by Conversion Rate?

Ans. Starting with a simple example, suppose you have a shop. So you are selling some products of electronics. Everyday 100 peoples are visiting your shop and 70 of them are buying any product. So here your conversion rate is 70%.

Like this there are hundreds or thousand people visiting online websites. Many of these websites have a goal to sell product or at-least get contact information of visitor. So Peoples completing a specific goal out of total visitors is the conversion rate of website.

As you can understand now, more conversion means more profit. Now we can talk about very basic thing, “How to drive visitors to your website?”. Maybe you already know that SEO is a method of getting organic traffic on your website.

Q. How to Get Some Visitors to Your Dropshipping Store for Conversion?

Ans. There are many ways and methods to get or call peoples on your website. Here we will discuss them all, one by one.

Make your Dropshipping Store/Website Reachable.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – The best thing to do is make your website reachable for search bots. You need to know something about robot.txt file on your website. Make sure crawler access is available for major search engines.

2. Meaningful Title of Products – Use title that have product name and specialty in it. People mostly looks for specific features. However there a section of people available, who prefer specific brands. Make sure your product title must have its best feature mentioned.

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3. Detailed Description of Product – As an online retailer, product description can make or break your business. So It is very necessary that you put every detail of product in the description. Focus on the product’s benefit can help you in High Conversion.

4. Interactive visual presentation along with alt descriptions – In terms of searching a product people prefer images. Why? Because image provide actual design information. Although videos also play a crucial role in getting some visitors. Video sharing platforms are increasing and there traffic is also increasing. So you need to add more images and videos with your product details. With alt title and description so search bot can easily find and show it in search results.

High Conversion on Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Q. Ya, I got some visitors at my Dropshipping Store. What next?

Ans. Its good to have some visitors to check primary response on your Shopify Dropshipping Store. Make sure all the below given things work coreectly, if not, make them so.

1. Landing page of your online shop – You know first impression is last impression. A landing page is eventually your store’s home page. Make sure to highlight your best selling product or best offers on your landing page. This is defiantly going to increase conversion rate.

2. One click Help Desk Solution – Make sure, “contact to support team” option is available on your Online E-Commerce Store. This can be given through a contact form but I will recommend online chat option. This is a real-time solution for your visitor. With Tawk.to you can interact with your online visitors easily.

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3. Smooth Shopping Experience for User – Good User experience is very essential for high conversion. Suppose a user want to buy two products from your store. He/she selected one product, added in cart and left for some reason. When he/she again open your store there may be 2 scenarios.

First One – User find sopping cart empty.

Second One – User Find added product in cart.

You need to Understand that user experience in every step is crucial. Starting from Landing on your product’s store to adding products, checkout, tacking and finally getting what he ordered.

Q. Is there any more methods/techniques to increase Shopify Dropshipping Store Conversion?

content marketing for more conversion
content marketing for more conversion

Ans. Yes, There are many other aspects that can help in high conversion. These techniques directly or indirectly affect the purchase behavior of a user. Lets have a brief look at most of these marketing techniques.

1. Content Marketing of your products and services – Conversion demands for a strategic marketing approach. This is focused on creating and curating valuable, relevant and consistent content. So it can retain a clearly defined audience. That’s what CONTENT MARKETING is all about. Having blog on your store is beneficial.

2. Video Advertisement for your dropshipping store – You know it already that videos can change a person’s prospective easily. Sounds philosophical? Actually this is reality. Even people using tiktok app for advertisement of there products. So create a informative video advertisement of your products and share on video sharing platforms.

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3. Social Media Marketing for more user engagement – There is a term in marketing maybe you didn’t heard this before. “Getting more eyeball on your products will give you more attention”. And you also know attention is first and last requirement to do anything. Today social media can get more eyeballs on your product. Every day millions of people using different social media platforms. Beginner guide for Instagram marketing Dropshop Lab will show you exact path.

4. E-Mail Marketing – Sending great offers with personalized email can influence anyone to buy your product. You can buy database for email marketing from online provider. Or you can set a contact form on your landing page to create your own database. E-Mail Marketing Guide for Beginners – Info-graphic will help you more.

5. Brand Awareness – Making peoples aware of your brand is a no ending strategy. You can see even biggest companies of world using many strategies to make people aware of their brand i.e. Samsung, Pepsi etc. Brand Awareness Guide For Shopify Beginners can help you more.

Q. Why Content Marketing or Any Other Kind of Marketing?

Ans. Content marketing provides great ROI and additionally contribute to SEO by generating inbound links. SEO demands quality and relevant content to rank you among the top ones,that is indeed provided by content marketing. Blogs helps in building a better relation which indeed increases conversion rates. And of-course it will give more eyeballs to your product and help in increasing your Dropshipping Store Conversion.

Conclusion – Getting high conversation rate is not about something, Its about everything involved in drop shipping process. You need to be focused from first point where you started thinking about dropshipping and final delivery of product. And the process is not stopping here, You need to be in touch with your previous customers to get more and high conversion.

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