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Dropshipping Suppliers Research Guide for Beginners

Drop shipping Suppliers Research Guide
Drop shipping Suppliers Research Guide

Updated on – 20-Sep-2019

Dropshipping Suppliers Research Guide for Beginners covers information on “How to find right suppliers for your business”. As you may already know that Suppliers are backbone of every drop shipping business. Without them how you can run a business?

This is the main reason that you need to do proper research. In general drop shipping suppliers are not known for to do marketing. They produce things (products) and supply them. So it may be a time consuming process to find right suppliers.

These are some basic points also known as “Dropshipping Suppliers Research Guide”

1. Make a List of Suppliers – Hope you have selected some products to start your drop shipping store. If not then this Product Research for Dropshipping store will surely help you. Now make a list of suppliers who deliver these products.

2. Contact all listed suppliers – After making the list you need to contact every supplier. Make sure they have multiple communication channels. You need to prefer voice or video call instead of e-mail. Direct communication will resolve your queries and further business issues easily.

3. Go for full research – After contacting a supplier you’ll need to know everything about there product and service. Because more information you have, more confident you are. This information must include raw material used in the product, delivery time, return/refund policies and service potential.

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4. Order some sample products – After doing above steps you need to order some sample products from supplier. So you can know your end customer experience. And this will let you know the truth of their service.

5. Order from your competitor – There are several competitors available in online dropshipping market who use the same suppliers. So you need to order some products from your competitors. Is there any custom labeling provided by suppliers? This will let you have the idea that how your service look like.

Extra Drop Tip – Ask for recent customers. Its not necessary that every supplier provide you details of there recent customers. But if they provide than it will surely help you to know customer satisfaction with their product.

Suppliers that you need to Avoid

If a supplier in your list is available online (website) than you must need to check there service reviews and feedback. Also try to contact the customers who recently bought their products.

Always avoid suppliers with negative reviews and negative feedback.

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