Q4 guide for dropshipping

Q4 guide for dropshipping

Q4 guide for dropshipping
Q4 guide for dropshipping

Q. Why quarter four (Oct-Dec) Q4 guide for dropshipping is necessary?

Ans. So we just stepped in last quarter of year 2019. If you don’t know quarter, it is term used for 3 months time period. October to December is strongest period of any year for online shopping and sales. Every E-commerce platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay are active with great offers on many/all products.

They use campaign like “Big Billion Sale” to encourage peoples to buy online products. So It is important for dropshipping stores to take proper steps in utilization of Q4. That’s why quarter four (Oct-Dec) Q4 guide for dropshipping is necessary.

Quarter four (Q4) is mostly about festivals and holidays.

If you are dropshipping through Amazon than busy session is November to January instead of October to December. I found this while searching for related matter online, and this is true tough. So prepare yourself for November, and don’t panic so much if October is not so busy for you.

Here is personal experience of a Dropshipper

Mr. Branson experienced six Christmases selling on eBay, that let him tell me this, “we are zooming in on an absolutely incredible ride”. During these three months, the sales volumes will only get higher and stronger. As we reach Christmas on December 25th, with December probably resulting in the highest stats. During the holiday season, customers are freaking out and ordering almost anything they can put their hands on. That not necessarily about holiday-related products. Chances are that you will also see this spike in sales even if you won’t list any holiday-themed merchandise.

We will recommend anyone to give special attention and focus on those holidays presents. Try to think about things that can be used as gifts. It doesn’t have to be just the obvious, try to be creative. For example, what a dropshipper always do is create some bundle listings of several related items. So they can offer a one-of-a-kind product that no other seller has to offer. Last year one dropshipper had a bundle comprised of: a few pairs of socks, funny aprons and a set of 3 scented candles. The set was targeting women. and it was sold 18 times more during the holiday. And that’s just one bundle listing.

What to sell in Quarter four?

Here are a few solid ideas that will help you in better sales: Products in form of Gifts.

Kids products – Maybe you already know that Q4 is first festival season for kids born after mid year. You can pick basic products for kids as well as toys. Toys for kids can be puzzles, action figures, remote-controlled cars, drones, dolls, coloring books etc. Keep an eye out for VeRO ( Verified Rights Owner program ) violations on these categories, If you are selling on ebay.

Mans Products – Ideas of gifts for men like jewelry, electric shavers, hats, electronics and gadgets, personalized gifts like funny t-shirts/mugs/socks. Look it up on ‘For dad/boyfriend/husband.

Women Products – Products in gifts for women like jewelry, clothing, robes, aprons, cooking gadgets, bags. And of course personalized gifts with writing/embedding/embroidering etc.

Items for home – products like colorful lamps, ornaments, flags, comforters, wall clocks

Unisex gifts – Products like earphones, gaming consoles, speakers etc.

For More info on Product Ideas to Start Dropshipping read this.

Extra tips on Q4 guide for dropshipping:

  1. Do you have a holiday-related template? Switch to it in Q4.
    Normally you won’t hear about the template importance. but during the holidays changing to a holiday-themed template will show buyers that you are not only relevant but also professionals who adjust their products to the time. This also shows your creativity.
  2. Promotions is the key.
    You are highly recommend launching aggressive promotions during Q4, in addition to your promoted listings. Buyers love discounts, especially during the holidays where discounts give more trust, and the savings element is extremely important because of the simple fact that buyers need to purchase multiple items, have long lists of stuff they want to buy and it’s all on a budget. I’m not saying you should sell with 50% off and no profit. But you can raise prices now and discount later.
  3. Messaging automation.
    If you are using automated messages, I would suggest inserting a holiday greeting, something like ‘enjoy your holidays and have a happy new year’. This will be seen as a nice gesture and help us maximize our positive feedbacks during this time. 

Personal Advise on Q4 guide for dropshipping:

I would advise changing the quantity on items that have more chances of selling in large numbers (Mostly cheap merchandise, or such that is needed in greater amounts). However, if your selling limits do not allow that, it is better to list a greater variety of items with smaller stock. Then small variety with high amount of units. You should focus on taking over as much area in the Christmas related search as possible during that time. Also expand as much as you can so you will increase your chances of selling.

Stock up on supplies is very important. This one might seem obvious, but if you’re flat out selling during Q4 you don’t want to run out of common supplies such as packing tape, Dymo labels or warning labels. Plan ahead and have your supplies at the ready now.

You need to increase dropshipping delivery time in festival season. Or to use a better delivery service.

Hope this guide will helped you increasing and maintaining your sales on Q4. Feel free to drop a comment.

Dropshop Lab Product Ideas

Product Ideas to Start Dropshipping

Product Ideas to Start Dropshipping
Product Ideas to Start Dropshipping

Updated on – 20 Sep. 2019.

There are so many products available online to drop ship. But it is hard to select one for your dropshipping business. Product Ideas to Start Dropshipping, share some best selling product list. This might help you selecting the best one.

However you can also use Product and Market Research Tools to find best product for your drop shipping business. Google Trends is best tool to find what’s trending right now and in past.

Some profitable drop shipping product Ideas

Some profitable drop shipping product Ideas

1. Fitness Trackers – These gadgets with latest technologies can measure unimaginable things. like heart rate, steps, elevation you gained, weight loose etc. Fitbit and Garmin are top brands in this sector. Google trend shows that fitness tracker came in high demand in December 2017. After that this market is consistently growing. So fitness tracker can be your best product for dropshipping after a few researches.

smart watch gadget for dropshipping

2. Smart Watches – Wearing new technology on your hand was like a character of some fantasy movie. Smart watches did this, by presenting latest features on your wrist. Worldwide wearable gadget sale increasing at the rate of 20% per year. If you are planning to go with electronic related niche, this one of the best option to have smart watches on your dropshipping store.

You may also like to read – Product Research for Dropshipping store.

3. USB Charging Dock – Today people have multiple smartphones in there homes. An USB charging dock gives facility to charge multiple USB devices at the same time and through a single power port. One can charge Smartphone and tablet at same time. This kind of gadgets are needs for today’s household.

4. Baby Carrier bags – There are many types of carrier available to carry a baby with you. Like slings, wrap , front and back carrier. If you are going to choose a niche related to kids than this product can play a vital role in your store’s success.

There are many other product Ideas like – Wooden watches, teeth whiting kit, organic products, Bluetooth products etc. First of all you need to decide whether you are going with general category or with specific niche?

dropshopping seo guide for beginners

SEO Guide for Dropshipping Store

SEO Guide for Dropshipping Beginners - Dropshop Lab
SEO Guide for Dropshipping Beginners – Dropshop Lab

SEO guide for Dropshipping Store will boost your website ranking on search engines. The online presence of any website shall be worthy if it appears in public search. especially when you have a business like dropshipping store. it is very important that people can find your website/store in their daily searches.

Steps or SEO Guide that make your Dropshipping Store visible to people searches.

1. Make sure search bot are finding your website/store – when we search anything on google it shows like “About 16,07,00,00,000 results (0.68 seconds)”. Its means that there search bot indexed this number of web pages for same keyword. So make sure that you are using a robot.txt file on your website.

2. Create content related to search queries – when it comes to content i.e product details, heading or description etc. You need to make sure that it relates to search queries that people do on search engines. For example if you are dropshiiping birthday cakes than you need content like “vanilla birthday cake”.

3. Do keyword optimization – You need to understand that search engine works on algorithms. Main factor to show any website on top of search or on second page is, how they optimized there content with keywords. So put keywords in title, Heading H1, H2 and also in paragraph. Do not spam your content with keywords.

4. Optimize your store for better user experience – Make sure your store don’t take long time to load. Also your dropshipping store need to visible on all devices with best user interface (UI).

5. Use Images with alt attribute – Images are widely searched things on search engines. A search bot can’t recognize any image without alt attribute. So make sure you are optimizing each and every image.

NOTE – There are several other factors that are responsible for high ranking. Like on page seo and off page seo. Contact us to make your store/website rank better on search engines.

You can also rank your store through videos.

If you are looking for suppliers to drop-ship, This Guide will help You.

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find right supplier for dropshipping

Dropshipping Suppliers Research Guide for Beginners

Drop shipping Suppliers Research Guide
Drop shipping Suppliers Research Guide

Updated on – 20-Sep-2019

Dropshipping Suppliers Research Guide for Beginners covers information on “How to find right suppliers for your business”. As you may already know that Suppliers are backbone of every drop shipping business. Without them how you can run a business?

This is the main reason that you need to do proper research. In general drop shipping suppliers are not known for to do marketing. They produce things (products) and supply them. So it may be a time consuming process to find right suppliers.

These are some basic points also known as “Dropshipping Suppliers Research Guide”

1. Make a List of Suppliers – Hope you have selected some products to start your drop shipping store. If not then this Product Research for Dropshipping store will surely help you. Now make a list of suppliers who deliver these products.

2. Contact all listed suppliers – After making the list you need to contact every supplier. Make sure they have multiple communication channels. You need to prefer voice or video call instead of e-mail. Direct communication will resolve your queries and further business issues easily.

3. Go for full research – After contacting a supplier you’ll need to know everything about there product and service. Because more information you have, more confident you are. This information must include raw material used in the product, delivery time, return/refund policies and service potential.

Brand Awareness Guide For Shopify Beginners can help in growing your brand.

4. Order some sample products – After doing above steps you need to order some sample products from supplier. So you can know your end customer experience. And this will let you know the truth of their service.

5. Order from your competitor – There are several competitors available in online dropshipping market who use the same suppliers. So you need to order some products from your competitors. Is there any custom labeling provided by suppliers? This will let you have the idea that how your service look like.

Extra Drop Tip – Ask for recent customers. Its not necessary that every supplier provide you details of there recent customers. But if they provide than it will surely help you to know customer satisfaction with their product.

Suppliers that you need to Avoid

If a supplier in your list is available online (website) than you must need to check there service reviews and feedback. Also try to contact the customers who recently bought their products.

Always avoid suppliers with negative reviews and negative feedback.

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Product Research for Dropshipping store - Dropshop Lab

Product Research for Dropshipping store

Product Research for Drop shipping store
Product Research for Drop shipping store

In our Beginner Guide to Start Dropshipping Business the first step is to do research on different Products. Product Research for Dropshipping Store start with “Idea”. You can also understand “Idea” as Niche.

Niche can be understood as a segment of market. Like home audio market or personal computer market. You can start your research with specific niche or with general products.

Things to keep in mind when doing product research for your dropshipping store.

1. Start your research with minimum number of products – while going for research on products, you need to start with minimum number of products. Because it improves focus.

2. Focus on Most demanding products – You need to focus on most demanding products in market. So start research on best selling products. Because most demanding is best selling.

3. Do not forget your interest and passion – Starting a research on products with your passion and interest will be a long term strategy.

4. Do research on competition – there are several other brands already in the market, providing same products. So you need to do research on who you are competing with.

5. Find a reliable supplier – This is very important part of dropshipping. How can you find a reliable supplier? You can order some sample products from various suppliers to check their service’s reliability.

6. Research on Selling Platform – There are several online selling platforms available like Shopify. You need to do proper research according to your requirements. There are several factors and different facilities provided by many online selling platforms.

It depends upon your expertise that which product and platform you choose. If you are a beginner then feel free to contact our support team for better assistance.

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Beginner Guide to Start Dropshipping Business

Beginner Guide to Start Dropshipping Business

Beginner Guide to Start Drop shipping Business
Beginner Guide to Start Drop shipping Business

Are you planning to start a Dropshipping Business ? Than you are at right place to understand basics. Our Beginner Guide on Dropshipping Business will cover every thing step by step. To start a Dropshipping Business first of all you need an idea or product. After all Drop Shipping have many advantages over Standard Retail Model.

In Dropshipping you don’t need to have Physical Product. You can tie up with any or many third parties, to sell there products online.

4 research steps to follow by Beginner. To start a Dropshipping Business

1.Research on different Ideas/Products – There is vast variety of physical and digital products. So first of all you need to research about yearly, monthly or weekly sales of specific products. This research will help you to choose most demanding products. You can use Google Trends Tool for research on trending products.

2. Review research for same product/service provider – As you know there are many merchants selling same items. Product quality of some merchants are good, shipping time period is good. But every merchant don’t provide quality products and service. So you have to do research on reviews submitted by the buyer. This will help you to pick some good product/service provider for dropshipping. Here is complete guide on supplier selection.

3. Research on return/refund policies of product/service provider – What if you get a defected products from online seller? There must be a good return/replace/refund policy for the customer. Otherwise it can lead to future business loss. You need to do research on these policies of online seller. This proper research can save you from clashes with customer. After all they (customers) will buy products from your store.

4. Research on Latest technology used in products – This research can help you to boost your sale. How? If you are planning to deal in digital products, then you must check is specific product using latest technology or not. Outdated technology can be sold but not at the rate of latest tools.

Need help in researching for your store contact drop shop lab
Need help in researching for your store contact drop shop lab

4 basic steps to follow after research.

5. Preparation of documented research data – Documentation is very important part of any research. You need to properly document your research data. Because it can help you even after 2 years of starting your store. You may heard the term “Data Speaks”. You can make text documentation, voice and video documentation.

6. Data analyzing and understanding ups and downs of product/services – After proper documentation you need to analyze data to understand ups and downs in demand of product. For example if you are thinking of selling protein shake. Than your documented data can tell you, in which months demand was high or low.

7. Finalizing a unique name that can be used as a brand – After doing all above things you need to finalize your brand name. An unique brand name can give you many advantages. So choose the Brand Name Carefully, it need to go for a long time.

Additional – This Brand awareness guide will help you.

8. Set up your online store and contacting merchants to sell there products through your store – Finally you need to contact merchants to sell there products through your Shopify Dropshipping Store. For assistance in setting up your online store you can contact us.

After all DropShop Lab is Best Shopify Store Setup Provider. Hope this Beginner Guide on Dropshipping Business helped you. To understand the basics.

If you have any other query, feel free to leave a comment. You can use like(Heart) button to show your response to this information in one click.
Brand Awareness guide for shopify beginners

Brand Awareness Guide For Shopify Beginners

What is brand awareness and how it can help in online Shopify Beginner Store?

Brand Awareness For Shopify Beginners:- Brand awareness is a marketing term that describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name. Creating brand awareness is a key step in promoting a new product or reviving an older brand.

Brand Awareness Of Your Shopify Store

  • How familiar your target audience is with your brand?
  • Brand awareness is all about the connection between your shopify store and the customers.
  • Brand awareness helps in building TRUST.
  • In a world where everyone seeks for recommendation or extreme research before making a simple purchase, brand awareness plays a major role.
Now you might be thinking of how to establish a brand?
How to raise brand awareness Dropshop lab
How to raise brand awareness Dropshop lab

It surely is not a overnight game,but a result of consistency with perfection. Running facebook ADs is not what I say brand marketing, it’s something beyond.

So let’s start with how to establish a brand:-
  • If willing to leave an impact on your audience, define yourself not as a company selling stuff but a person seeking for friends.
  • SOCIALIZE YOURSELF by replying the comments on your posts,sharing content regularly, asking questions and many more(if using any social platform for marketing). This is surely gonna give you lots of leads.
  • Make your content/product showcase EASILY SHAREABLE so that you can get across a new group of audience.
  • Present your brand as a PERSONALITY and infuse it to your marketing efforts.
  • After performing all these with sincerity it’s time to measure the brand awareness.
  • Analytics plays a valuable role in depicting the brand awareness. Direct traffic is a result of awareness, telling us the no. of people visited directly through keywords.

Now you may also want to know E Commerce step by step guide for beginners.

Dropshop Lab Guide for E commerce Beginners Brand Awareness
Dropshop Lab Guide for E commerce Beginners Brand Awareness

In short brand awareness is a one night process but consequence of consistent efforts. Brand Awareness For Shopify Beginners Ends here, If you have any query, feel free to comment and share this article.

Ending Quote by Deepak